Challenges to the field of Psychology.


In 21st Century, many changes will be made in social and technological issues.

First, Telemental Health (telepsychology) demands more advanced means.

Besides Face-to-Face psychology, Telepsychology will deliver services through electronic means. By that reasons, students of Psychology will need to study psychological technology and how this modality influences the key steps of treatments.

Students also study the social impact of Telepsychology over the society and vice versa, the interactions of society on Telepsychology. Means for doing researches will be more electronic and less manual by hands.  


New Ethical challenges will be created. Psychologists must learn to adapt with the changes of society based on the change of electronic means. For few decades, after some experiments and compliments, new ethical rules and codes will be developed. Following in the same path, new responsibility and duties will be set, too. Psychological terms and definitions will be adjusted. Cases of study will be made with more scientific facts.





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