A letter from Chu Tat Tien  
Dear friends,
This was the letter sent to Senator Lou Correa, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Congressman Ed Royce, and some other politicians whom I believed that they would do something for Luat Su Bui Kim Thanh.
Hope to be shared.
Chu Tat Tien.

April 16, 2008

Tien Chu,
A Novelist, Poet, and Television Host.
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Honorable Senator Lou Correa,
California Senate.

Dear Senator,

As you know, after Vietnam had been elected as a Non-Permanent Member of UN Security Council, the Communist government still suppressed the persons who peacefully requested for Democracy and Freedom for the people. Among those who were repressed terribly, Mrs. Thanh Kim Bui, a young Attorney at Court, was treated in inhuman manners. At first, the government tried to lock her up in a Mental Health Institution in Saigon but the physicians at this institution denied to take the case because she was not a mental health patient. The police then transferred her to Bien Hoa Mental Health Institution, a facility built since the French colonial time. At the old place that was full of mildew and fungus for centuries, in order to kill her silently, the physicians injected many different kinds of unknown fluid into her body.

Due to the support from the politicians in the U.S.A., and many protests worldwide against that inhuman treatment, including the intervention of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, the police released her several months later. However, after Mrs. Bui continued her fight for the Human Rights of her people, the Communists, once more time, arrested her and put her in Bien Hoa Mental Health Institution again. The seizure was held about two weeks ago. Recently, her friends tried to visit her in vain. No visit allowed. The friends worried so much about her health conditions. The Communist government would kill her this time; at least, they would make her insane by injecting much poisonous chemical fluid into her body.

Therefore, we humbly solicit you to show your generosity, your Care for Human Rights by intervening with the Communist Government Vietnam to release Mrs. Thanh Kim Bui immediately before it was too late. Your concern on the life of the bravest lady who fights for the Freedom of Vietnamese People will be appreciated forever.


Tien Chu.